Our specialty

“Mythic Vault” is a store that specializes in selling collectible products and games such as Trading Card Games, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Funko POP!, Figures, Statues, and various other collectibles. It also focuses on tabletop games for all ages and fantasy games, while providing a wide variety of decorative items and gift items related to the world of cult and pop culture. Using our enriched website www.mythicvault.com, you can easily and quickly find the game that suits you and your group or the gift you would like to give to your loved ones.

By offering games, collectibles, and merchandise from several different companies, we can satisfy even the most demanding needs. Among the fantasy and strategy games, you can find games from the world’s major brand names such as Pokémon, Bandai, Konami, Hasbro, Wizards Of the Coast, Fantasy Flight, Square Enix, Funko, Chessex, and various others.

Where to find us

You can also find us on platforms for selling individual cards (singles cards) of all TCGs (Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Flesh & Blood, Final Fantasy, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Metazoo, My Hero Academia, One Piece, etc.), where we operate a dedicated second floor for this service in our store.

In addition to our online store, you can find us at our physical location in Volos, Ermou 105 – Xatziargiri, where you can visit us to have all your questions answered and be guided through the world of gaming and fantasy.

Furthermore, our physical space hosts events and tournaments, which you can stay updated about through the website and social media channels we provide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give our young friends the opportunity to live their childhood years filled with dreams, fun, and lots of play! As for the adult collectors, with our experience and training, we can guide them towards the best solutions for building their collections.

An additional goal of ours is to grow the communities of fantasy games and trading card games throughout Greece, and we will achieve this by providing the highest quality products and events.

Have a great game!

Our Team

We are all very passionate about our work and we give it all to make your experience as smooth and fun as possible.


His name is Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, had the vision and idea of creating Mythic Vault. Hardworking, active, and restless are some of the adjectives that describe him. He enjoys bringing and adopting every new trend for his store. He places great emphasis on technical knowledge and specialization and transfers his knowledge to the entire team.
One of his roles at Mythic Vault is to communicate, observe, supervise, and intervene wherever he deems necessary to ensure that everything operates optimally. In his free time, he reads and keeps himself informed about everything related to his field, developing innovative ideas and deepening his knowledge. He was a Dungeon Master for years and continues to play as a player to this day. Another hobby of his is the One Piece Card Game. He enjoys writing and drawing when time and daily life allow it. His love for animals is great as he is a host to his two cats. Additionally, he enjoys traveling with his loved one, exploring different tastes and cultures from around the world.


Claudia is the first person you will encounter when entering our physical store in Volos. With her smile and willingness, she makes customers feel more familiar and comfortable, addressing any questions they may have.

Her daily tasks include organizing and monitoring the proper processing of orders on our website and other platforms, often adding her personal touch because she believes that the first impression on the customer is the most important and wants everyone to be satisfied. She respects every collector and handles the products with delicacy.

Claudia often promotes her work through social media, which is also one of her favorite hobbies in her free time. However, her greatest love is animals, particularly her four-legged friend who has been her companion for 11 years.

She also enjoys going on outings to various places with her loved one.



His name is Themis, he is 23 years old, and he has studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also a member of Mythic Vault. His involvement in our store is vital as he is responsible for the proper and smooth functioning of our website. He fixes and intervenes wherever necessary. Any new product that arrives at our physical store goes through his hands first, as he is the one who will publish it on our website. Another part of his responsibilities is dealing with newsletters, keeping our customers informed about any new arrivals in our store. In his free time, he spends time with friends. He enjoys staying updated on sports news and playing PlayStation.


George is the latest addition to the large team of Mythic Vault. His responsibilities at our store include pack opening, sorting, evaluating, and publishing all the new cards as well as older collections that we acquire. He brings new ideas to the team and collaborates with us to implement them.

Furthermore, he is involved in setting up and maintaining the Discord Channel, where he enjoys communicating with communities. Some of his hobbies include playing Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. He also enjoys PC gaming and spending time with his three cats.

He is a movie enthusiast and never misses an opportunity to watch films on the big screen. Additionally, he is fascinated by Japanese culture, which is why he has been watching anime and reading manga since he was young.



Michalis is the photographer of Mythic Vault, where his professionalism, technical skills, and artistic nature bring a different touch to the appearance of our products on social media and our website.

He shares the same passion with us and is another reliable member of the Mythic Vault team.