* Remember that these are for reference only and that they are based off our “own opinions”. Most of our buyers find our opinions modest and conservative so some may grade it higher than we would. Also, all pictures shown are for reference only and may not be the exact one you get. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our Contact us.


The listed conditions below bear no weight in the rating/condition of the box and are accepted as is.

1) Pop Stickers: No two Pops have the same sticker(s) placed in the exact spot and/or orientation, even direct from the manufacture.
2) Pop Figure Paint: Paint blemishes on the Pop figure may occur but as stated above, our Pops come in sealed cases from the manufacturer. So any paint blemishes or imperfections if any were out of our control.
3) Box/Window “creases” or “bulges/curves”: Not all Pop boxes are folded equally, some are folded with a nice crisp 90 degree line while others are not. Thus some may have “bulges/curves” on any edge of the box including the box window.

Condition Guide


It is extremely rare that we’ll call a Pop Vinyl a perfect 10, as opinions on ‘mint condition’ do vary so vastly between collectors. That said, a 10 is a Pop with virtually no visible box flaws and would be considered ‘mint’.

Near Mint

A Box that is just about perfect. May show one or two extremely minor box flaws only visible upon close inspection. Would be considered mint or near mint condition by most collectors.


A Box which is in great condition. The box may contain one to three minor flaws or minor wear, but is still typically considered to be undamaged and in good condition.


A Box with some wear visible, the Pop is still in good condition. May exhibit a few minor to moderate box flaws and shelf wear.


Still somewhat preventable with two or more major box flaws that may make it unsuitable for in-box collectors.