Mythic Points Explanation

The store purchases collections or individual cards from collectible card games using two methods, either cash or Mythic Points.

Cash method: approximately 55% of the value of the product is given in cash.

Mythic Points method: approximately 70% of the product value is given in Mythic Points.

What are Mythic Points?

Mythic Points is a points reward system that can be redeemed in-store at a ratio of 1:1 in euro on all products in the store. You can enter your account at any time and look for the available balance of your Mythic Points.

For example, if you offer us a collection of cards with a total value of 100€, you will be rewarded with 70 Mythic Points that will remain in your account and you can redeem them gradually or even in your future purchases.

In case you wish to redeem the amount of Mythic Points in cash you can do so by contacting us.