Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the hottest shonen to hit the world of anime in the past decade. Like any great shonen, it’s filled with exhilarating fights. For this list, we’re counting down some of the best fights to appear in Jujutsu Kaisen. We’ll only be focusing on the top Jujutsu Kaisen fights from the anime and the prequel film, which means there are some amazing manga-only fights that won’t make it in.

But there are a ton of exciting fights to celebrate. One dramatic one from the movie was Yuta Okkotsu versus Geto. Haven’t seen the movie yet? Well, you probably remember Gojo’s epic showdown with the volcanic Curse, Jogo. Which fight is your favorite?

  • Itadori Vs. Choso

Fights are aplenty in the Shibuya Arc, and this match pitting Yuji against Choso is one of the most notable ones. While Yuji seems to have the upper hand in physical combat, Choso is able to overpower him using his Blood Manipulation technique. Choso’s ability to harden his blood within his body gives him a huge defensive advantage that proves to be too much even for Yuji’s combat talents.

After an intense battle Choso does emerge victorious – but is left with a strange scene of him and Itadori as brothers playing in his head.

  • Gojo Satoru Vs. Toji Fushiguro (Round 1)

Gojo Satoru is widely considered one of the strongest sorcerers in the series, even when he was a teenager. So if someone is able to not only get a jump on him in battle, but also give him a run for his money, you know they’re a powerful opponent.

Toji Fushiguro proves to be that person when he ambushes Gojo immediately after the Star Plasma Vessel’s escort team arrives at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Toji’s absence of cursed energy makes tracking his movements near impossible for Gojo, and as a result, the battle is over almost as quickly as it started. The talented Gojo is taken down in minutes with slices going straight through his body, and Toji’s physical skills leave him victorious.

  • Yuta Vs. Geto

In order to fulfil his goal of eliminating all non-Sorcerer humans, Geto needs more power. He decides that a great source of that power is Rika, a super-strong Curse that’s attached to Yuta Okkotsu. In order to get Rika’s power for himself, Geto must destroy Yuta.

Yuta doesn’t understand Geto’s goal, but he knows he isn’t about to let himself be defeated by someone who just knocked out all of his friends. So he makes a declaration of immortal love to Rika and promises to be with her for eternity if she’ll lend him every ounce of strength she has. This allows him to create a massive beam of energy that doesn’t just take out Geto, but also destroys the Vengeful Spirit Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate and the Maximum: Uzumaki technique that Geto created out of thousands of Curses.

  • Gojo Satoru Vs. Toji Fushiguro (Round 2)

At the end of their previous match, Toji had stabbed Gojo straight through the throat, proudly declared he ended the young sorcerer’s life, and successfully assassinated Riko Amanai. However, Gojo reappears before Toji standing and smiling, claiming that he had used a reverse cursed technique to stop himself from dying.

With the pinnacle of the sorcerer world in front of him, Toji can’t help himself and his pride leads him to another match against Gojo. While he’s still able to use his skills to hold his own for a bit, Gojo now has the information he needs to come out on top. Realizing that Toji must have been a part of the Zenin Clan and has information on the Gojo Family’s cursed techniques, he uses one that is rare amongst even Gojo members themselves: Hollow Purple. The move is more than enough to shoot a hole through Toji’s torso, end his life, and crown Gojo as the victor.

  • Itadori And Todo Vs. Hanami

After Hanami turns a competition between schools into a survival game, Todo and Yuji team up to try and defeat him. While Hanami is attacking with a range of dangerous Cursed Plants, Todo and Yuji combine punches, kicks, and Black Flash with Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique. Boogie Woogie lets him rapidly switch places with a target of his choosing. By moving Hanami around, they’re able to confuse the Curse while targeting their attacks.

Yuji might have thought Todo was a little weird at first, but now he knows that when things get intense, he can count on him in battle.

  • Itadori And Nanami Vs. Mahito

Though Yuji has plenty of motivation to annihilate Mahito after the Curse cruelly takes Junpei’s life in front of his eyes, he’s no match for him at first. Just before Mahito lands a fatal blow, Nanami shows up and saves him. The two have to deal with Mahito’s constant transformations and attempts to trap them in his domain all while being forced to encounter the ruined bodies of people Mahito has transfigured. They’re still alive, and they’re begging Yuji to take them out. This horrifies him, and it makes it hard to focus on the fight.

In the end, it’s neither Yuji nor Nanami who gets Mahito to scuttle off into the sewer – it’s Sukuna, who shows off his might when Mahito dares make contact with his soul.

  • Gojo Vs. Jogo

Before Gojo’s showdown with the flame-spewing Curse, everyone knew he was powerful. But the full extent of his abilities don’t become apparent until this fight. He uses a move called Infinity, which functionally makes him impossible to touch. By using his Cursed Technique Reversal: Red he’s able to create enough energy to send Jogo flying.

Gojo eventually expands his Unlimited Void domain and forces Jogo to process so much information at once that his brain nearly shuts down. We’re really glad we’re not Jogo in this fight.

  • Itadori And Nobara Vs. Eso And Kechizu

This fight contains one of Nobara’s greatest moments. After the Death Womb Paintings hit her with a poisonous attack, she’s able to use her Straw Doll Technique: Resonance to transfer her pain straight to them. It’s moment of triumph for her, and it plays a big part in the enemy’s ultimate defeat.

But at the end of the fight, Nobara and Yuji have to contend with the reality of what just happened. This was Nobara’s first time taking a life. While she isn’t initially bothered by it, Yuji is. Though he’s glad to have survived, he can’t let go of the fact that others suffered because of him. It’s a fight that goes from exhilarating to existential within minutes, and that’s part of what makes it so great.

  • Suguru Geto Vs. Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro has defeated Gojo and killed Riko before Suguru Geto gets a go at him, and this battle further proves that the Sorcerer Killer is not one to be messed with.

Geto quickly attacks using Rainbow Dragon, but that’s easily sliced in half with Toji’s longsword cursed tool. Toji then gets caught inside a Domain, resulting in a scuffle with an Imaginary Vengeful Spirit – but that is also handled with ease. When Geto appears behind him, Toji is so unbothered that he doesn’t even turn around. Instead he quickly slashes both his opponents, kicks Geto’s unconscious body to the side, and leaves.

  • Megumi Vs. Finger Bearer

The clash between Megumi and the Special Grade Cursed Spirit containing one of Sukuna’s fingers is probably the fight that best shows off Megumi’s abilities. At first, Megumi is convinced that defeating the Curse is impossible, but once he’s able to focus on his future potential instead of his current limitations, he’s able to channel that future power and defeat the Finger Bearer.

By blending in with liquid shadows and summoning multiple Shikigami, he’s able to avoid fatal blows and eventually land one of his own.

  • Gojo Vs. Sukuna

Sukuna may be one of the most dangerous Curses in history, but when he’s just manifested in the body of an untrained teenager whose body he can’t seem to fully take over, he’s at a bit of a disadvantage. The other disadvantage is that he’s up against Satoru Gojo, one of the strongest Sorcerers in the world.

Gojo is able to avoid any real damage until Yuji regains control, and he’s even able to show off his nimble fighting style.

  • Gojo Vs. Miguel

Despite the surrounding area being filled with dangerous Curses, Gojo has to focus his efforts on Miguel, one of Geto’s strongest subordinates. Miguel fights using a braided rope imbued with Cursed Energy that took decades for his family to weave. This rope can stop other people from using Cursed Energy, but as it’s used, the material disappears.

While fighting against Gojo, Miguel uses the whole rope. While Gojo wins the fight, he has to struggle a bit to make it happen – and considering how strong we all know Gojo is, that’s saying something.

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