Devil Fruits grant amazing powers to those who eat them, but they aren’t the only way to kick butt in the One Piece world. There are plenty of other skills, like Haki, swordsmanship, and good old-fashioned fist-fighting that can be just as useful if not more so than any powers a Devil Fruit can bestow.

For this list, we’re counting down some of the strongest non-Devil Fruit users in One Piece. From legendary characters like Gol D. Roger to familiar Straw Hat crew members like Zoro and Sanji, these characters prove that while Devil Fruits might be cool, they’re far from necessary.

  • Gol D. Roger

As the legendary Pirate King, Gol D. Roger is considered to be one of the strongest people in the One Piece universe. He not only conquered the Grand Line, he’s responsible for ushering in the Golden Age of Piracy. He did that through a combination of swordsmanship, multiple forms of Haki, incredible physical strength, and the ability to “hear the voice of all things.”

Even as his body was breaking down from an incurable terminal illness, he still managed to hold his own against even the toughest of opponents. With power like that, who needs a Devil Fruit?

  • Shanks

Shanks is one of the Four Yonko, which means that he’s recognized as one of the four strongest pirates in the modern world. But since he’s only rarely seen in combat, the full extent of his power is still unknown. Here’s what we do know. He’s mastered all three forms of Haki, and fights with a sword called Gryphon. His endurance is through the roof, as he manages to handle having his arm bitten off, and withstand Akainu’s magma fist. He’s a master of stealth, incredibly fast, and an excellent swimmer – he’d have to give that last one up if he did ever decide to eat a Devil Fruit.

  • Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is one of the only pirates thought to be on par with Gol D. Roger – and in fact the two of them have been through a number of dangerous battles together. Known as “Garp the Fist”, he tends to fight with super-powered punches, or by throwing cannonballs as if they were baseballs. He can also imbue his punches with Haki, a move that can bypass even Luffy’s rubbery body. The fact that he’s getting on in years doesn’t slow him down a bit.

  • Silvers Rayleigh

Once the first mate of the Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh is now a retired pirate who spends his days as a coating mechanic. But just because he’s retired doesn’t mean he’s gone soft – he’s still as strong as he ever was. He’s responsible for teaching Luffy how to use Haki, so as you might imagine he’s a Haki master himself. He boasts incredible speed, strength, and stamina that lets him do things like throw bullets, destroy cannonballs, and slay multiple Sea Kings while swimming long distance.

  • Dracule Mihawk

Both a member of the Seven Warlords and the one who earned the moniker of “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” Dracule Mihawk is the standard by which other swordsmen are measured. Using everything from a tiny dagger to his signature sword Yoru, he can take out whole pirate fleets and stand his ground against even the most dangerous of foes. He not only showed Zoro how much further he had to go to become a true master, he also trained him and passed along many of his abilities.

  • Rocks D. Xebec

Not much is known about Rocks D. Xebec’s specific abilities. What is known is that he was the captain of the Rocks Pirates, one of the most formidable pirate crews in history. It’s also known that it took Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp to defeat him, and that this defeat is what catapulted Garp to fame. Kaido named Xebec as one of the only people who might be capable of taking him on. Whatever his actual abilities, it’s clear that he’s at the top of the heap.

  • Roronoa Zoro

Ever since he was a child, Zoro has been honing his skills as a swordsman. Though he typically fights with three swords, he’s capable of using two, one, or even nine by using spiritual projection techniques. He’s capable of making extremely precise cuts, slicing through steel, and taking down multiple opponents simultaneously. He willingly fights with a Cursed Sword, because he’s just that much of a badass. Oh, and he can use all three forms of Haki.

His only major weakness is that he’s constantly getting lost – luckily he’s in the same pirate crew as an expert navigator like Nami.

  • Vinsmoke Sanji

When he first shows up, Sanji seems to be little more than an exceptionally talented cook – but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. With help from Zeff, he created his own martial art called Black Leg Style. He also developed a technique called Diable Jamble that involves heating up his leg and spinning it rapidly in a flying kick. He can use Haki in a variety of creative ways, and is an excellent swordsman, though not better than Zoro. When he gets his raid suit, he can even become invisible. For these and other reasons, he’s an indispensible member of the Straw Hat crew.

  • Benn Beckman

According to Oda, Benn Beckman has the highest IQ in all of One Piece. He applies his formidable brain to supporting Shanks as the first mate of the Red Hair Pirates. He usually carries a flintlock rifle, but prefers to beat people with it as opposed to actually firing the thing.

  • Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden has served a number of important roles, including being part of the Whitebeard and Roger pirate crews, and being the daimyo of Kuri. As is befitting of someone in these honorable roles, he has a long list of impressive abilities. These include a personal variation of the Two Sword style called Oden Nitoryu, mastery over two forms of Haki, immense strength that manifested in his infancy, and the ability to read Poneglyphs.

  • Jinbe

As a fishman, Jinbe possesses physical strength that surpasses that of an ordinary human. He’s a master of Fish-Man Karate, a form of martial arts that is particularly devastating when used underwater. He also boasts amazing endurance – he was able to tolerate being “baptized” by boiling water in Impel Down without complaint. He can use two forms of Haki, and wield a silver trident and tanto blade. Whatever he can’t resolve through physical means, he can resolve through strategy and calm negotiation.

  • Shimotsuki Ryuma

The legendary samurai from Wano Country earned the moniker “Sword God” (刀神様 Tōjin-sama) thanks to his incredible blade-based finesse. He used the Strong Blade (豪剣 Gōken) style of swordplay in order to perform feats like slicing through copper and slaying a dragon.

He was reincarnated as a zombie possessing Brook’s shadow. When that happened, he had access to not just his own physical prowess, but also all of Brook’s sword techniques. This made him even more formidable.

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